CA Business Advisory Foundations Program

This programme is designed to close this disconnect between Accountants and their clients, break down barriers to delivering advisory and provide the practical ‘how to’ in a streamlined, systemised and efficient way.

About the CA Business Advisory Foundations Program

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand has partnered with The Gap to close the disconnect between Accountants and their clients, break down barriers to delivering advisory and provide the practical ‘how to’ in a streamlined, systemised and efficient way. 

Who should join the CA Business Advisory Foundations Program?

We recommend you join our Business Advisory Foundations Program if you or your team want to: 

  • Brush up on how to articulate the benefits of advisory and increase client demand 
  • Learn how to market, sell, and deliver the 3 Essential services to SME’s efficiently 
  • Uncover and resolve the common barriers to delivering advisory (no time, insufficient team skills, lack of systemisation) 
  • Develop a rock-solid plan to implement advisory and build a recurring revenue stream
  • Fast track your results without re-inventing the wheel or paying a ‘dumb tax’ on mistakes that others have made! 

Program Outline 

The CA Business Advisory Foundations Program is a structured 9-week online program, each 90-minute session will be delivered by highly experienced Accountants who have worked actively in the advisory space for many years.   

The sessions will all have detailed pre-work to ensure the content assists you to build a great plan and overcome the challenges currently in the way of a recurring revenue stream from advisory services. You’ll have access to a dedicated Gap Member Success team member, and the full range of Gap tools to help you build your plan throughout the program and at the same time get runs on the board on your advisory journey. 

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CA Business Advisory Foundations Program

  • Session 1 - Focus: Foundations of Business Advisory

    What is and what is not business advisory, including the standards of advisory, expectations of advisory, consultative models, and sales and marketing.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Differentiation of advisory and being clear on what the client is purchasing in this type of service
    • Establish the standards to be an adviser
    • Establish what it means to work with your advisory firm, and standards held by your clients
  • Session 2 - The Diagnosis Phase
    • Conducting an appropriate needs analysis
    • Formulation of consultative solution
    • Ongoing review of consultative service provision
    • Sales of the diagnostic

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Know what a diagnostic is, and how it looks and feels, what it is not
    • How to sell a diagnostic and position a value creating consulting relationship, where appropriate
    • Embracing not knowing what the diagnostic will be until the client has presented needs, and developing the 'analytical process' for the issues at hand
  • Session 3 - The Ongoing Management and Refinement of Consulting Relationship

    A closer look at the transition from diagnostic to the provision of ongoing 'council'

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Applications of the consulting framework
    • Design of performance areas, performance architecture, task attribution and review
    • Exploration of required agility in the consultative journey
  • Session 4 - Ingredients that Enable Your Consulting Offering

    As the title of this session indicates, we look at aspects that empower the consultant and their business

    • Decision Making Tools for Client
    • Foundations in Operational and Business Excellence
    • Marketing & Lead Acquisition

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Exploration of financial modelling as a tool for client decision making
    • Considerations for marketing and lead acquisition as a driver for sustainable practice outcomes
    • Identification of risks and opportunities of self and practice needs
  • Session 5 – Marketing and selling
    a. Education marketing and why it works
    b. Reverse engineering your objectives
    c. Delivering webinars and seminars
    d. Developing your client education programme
    e. Best practice lead capture systems
    f. Tech roundup
    g. Your 3 essential sales techniques
    h. How to sell without product pushing
  • Session 6 - The annual business plan
    a. Your role as facilitator
    b. Why pre-work is essential
    c. How to facilitate the 4-hour planning session with your client
    d. Building the 1-page plan
    e. Making planning an annually recurring revenue stream
  • Session 7 - The Forecast combined with Cashflow Management
    a. Repositioning forecasting from an ‘On demand, bank requested service’
    b. Teaching clients their cash conversion cycle
    c. Linking forecasting to regular reporting with accountability
    d. Cashflow management coaching
  • Session 8 - On-going reporting and Accountability
    a. The role of the coach, pulling everything together for your client
    b. The structure of coaching
    c. Coaching resources that make you look great
    d. Client responsibility & self-assessment
    e. Dealing with implementation resistance
  • Session 9 – Implementing Your Plan
    a. Completing your plan
    b. Your most important actions
    c. Accountability
    d. Support available from The Gap