Mastering business strategy

The tools and resources you need to develop a winning strategy for your accounting practice.

Strategy Playbook | How to apply astute strategic thinking and planning to maximise business results

A practical guide for the modern accounting firm

Our SMP members told us their no. 1 strategic challenge is improving business performance. This practical and comprehensive Strategy Playbook has been developed to help our members address this key challenge.

SMP Strategy Panel

Steer your firm in the right direction with practical insights and advice from peers and practice leaders who know how to build a good game plan and will help you break down your objectives into practical, measurable and achievable tactics. Featuring, Amanda Gascoigne FCA as facilitator, Ian Vacin presenting, and Jack Dixon CA, John Schol FCA and Karen Draper CA as your panel.

Here are some highlights from the session:

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Building your firms winning game plan - Strategy Masterclass Series

As a business owner, navigating the ever-changing environment requires strategic thinking and clear action to maximize your results. This 4-part strategy masterclass is designed for accounting leaders, to equip you with skills and knowledge to build an action-oriented strategy unique to their firm, which will enable you to address the challenges and opportunities for the modern-day accounting firm whilst taking practical steps towards the desired future state you envision – for you and the firm.

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What is Value Based Strategy for the Accounting Business Model

Doing the right things at the right time is critical for growing yours and your clients businesses. But first we must define what the right thing is, create it and then capture it. The right thing must be of value to both you and your client.

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How the CA Capability Model helps address strategic learning needs

The CA Capability Model can help you to drive business strategy goals and address your future learning need.

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Toolkit for early stage talent strategy

This newly-developed toolkit provides practical guidance on how to compete in the current recruitment market and engage effectively with early-stage talent such as graduates, interns, and cadets.

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Empowering HR Transformation: MyHR Resource hub

MyHR is an innovative solution for streamlined workforce management, automating essential HR tasks such as employee onboarding, performance management, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, and much more.

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