Driving business efficiency

The tools and resources you need to improve efficiency in your accounting practice.

In order to grow, improve productivity and address talent shortages, members in public practice are prioritising business efficiency as a key focus area.

How to implement a scalable operations model and standardise operations and delivery are big questions members are grappling with. Responding to these questions requires the know-how for efficiency benchmarking, measurement and reporting, scoping and implementing key new processes and systems, and training teams as part of change management.

In an age where business processes and technology are constantly evolving, this page equips you with tools and resources to make informed decisions to improve efficiency and boost growth in your practice. 

Business Efficiency Tools: The Apps Guide for Public Practice

This guide by CA Catalyst and Clarity Street aims to support members by detailing the key features and integrations of some of the most widely used apps relevant to key business functions in public practice firms.

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Driving Business Efficiency Masterclass Series

Our workshop series is designed to help you benchmark your current business operations and develop practical skills to drive immediate change in your practice. This series explores a six-part formula to efficiently scale your firm, the impact of data management, automation secrets and streamlining client engagement.