CA Business Advisory Programs

Strengthen your client relationships as a trusted business partner.

An increasing number of accounting firms are evolving their offerings to include business advisory services.

This transition from the technical and tactical, to the strategic and consultative is a shift that requires accounting firms to assess and potentially revamp their customer relationships, operations, technology, and business development activities.

To help you with this shift, we’ve designed programs that will enable you to build, transform and scale your advisory services, that will create impact for you and your clients.

Some of the common challenges faced by those that have already built advisory offerings are:

  1. How do I get clients to see value in the service?
  2. How do I scale and monetise the offering?
  3. How can I systemise the delivery of advisory services within the practice?

Whether you are running into the challenges above, just starting to introduce advisory services, or looking to further develop your current capabilities, our business advisory programs can help you transform your relationships, increase your value, and set up your firm for the future.

Neil Parker FCA"I suspect what clients are really craving is something that makes a difference in their business, and I think advisory is the answer to that."
Neil Parker FCA, Director at BridgePoint Group


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